When It Comes To Marriage, Love Isn’t Enough — Man Writes

When It Comes To Marriage, Love Isn’t Enough — Man Writes

A Nigerian man identified on Twitter as @Pellentini has dropped his two cents on marriage and what makes it last.

Taking to his page, Pellentini stated that although love is needed between married couples it is not enough to sustain a marriage as he reveals that components such as patience, compatibility, tolerance and communication are they things that will keep the union standing.

He advised his fellow brothers and sisters who are single to find the one who compliments each other and must look out for the qualities aforementioned.

He tweeted;

See ehnnn! When it comes to marriage, leave love by the door 1st. Where patience, compatibility, tolerance & communication will hold the forte for you, love won’t. Not saying love isn’t needed but it’s not enough. There’s no manual to this shit, just find who compliments you.

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For better understanding. No 1 said love doesn’t encompass all these. Do you love someone you’re just meeting? Won’t you look out for the qualities listed before you actually start loving them. I said when thinking of marriage not when you’re in it. It’s different

See his post below;

When It Comes To Marriage, Love Isn’t Enough — Man Writes

Pellentini’s tweet has drawn mixed responses from users of Instagram and this is what some had to say about it.

@jenn_nifa wrote;

When you genuinely love someone,all this be obtainable!!! Love has these attributes you just mentioned expect it’s lust or infactuation.

@kiandra_reed wrote;

Patience, compatible, tolerance and communication – these are attributes of love already na!

@goodnewseguabs wrote

Do you mean love or emotions? Because love is all encompassing.. Except you don’t know the definition of love.. In love is patience, tolerance, being slow to anger, believing the best..etc..

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