Where to buy Louis Tomlinson’s new merch – Twitter reacts to 2021 designs!

Where to buy Louis Tomlinson’s new merch

Singer Louis Tomlinson just dropped new official merchandise for 2021 – it’s already a big hit with fans!

Where to buy Louis Tomlinson’s new merch – Twitter reacts to 2021 designs!

The updated designs became available for purchase on 28th June 2021.

What does Louis Tomlinson’s new merch look like? 

The artist dropped a range of basic tee’s – both long and short sleeved – along with a bucket hat and a beach towel.

The 2021 designs picture Tomlinson’s signature smiley face with a dripping effect, which is the stand-alone feature of all new apparel.

The merchandise is available in black, white, olive, and a baby-pink.

Where can you buy the 2021 designs?

If you’re looking to get your hands on the new 2021 Louis Tomlinson merch, you can find it on his Official Website here.

It’s always safer to purchase merchandise directly from the artist’s official source to avoid counterfeit products!

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Updated apparel prices range from £25-35, whereas the bucket hat is sold for £18. You can also take home a drip smiley face beach towel for £30.

Fans react on Twitter

Fans of Louis Tomlinson noticed the merch drop almost immediately, with many taking to Twitter to react and alert other fans.

However, interestingly enough, Tomlinson is yet to tweet anything surrounding his new 2021 merchandise release.

One Louis fan took to Twitter to write: “Thanks for the new merch @Louis_Tomlinson best way to start the week! You really have the coolest and prettiest merch! Love your good taste and how simple but creative the designs are!! Have a great week darling! Much love xx”

Another wrote: “”are you okay?” Louis Tomlinson announced his new merch and my broke desi a*s can’t afford s**t what do you think?”

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Likewise, another fan had plenty of questions for the singer: “I have so many questions about your merch, what does the face without the mouth mean? It’s about a new era, right? I mean first we had the whole face, then 369 came (still don’t know what did it mean) and now we only have the eyes. give me answers @Louis_Tomlinson

louisss, the new merch is amazing !!! I loved everything new there is, happy 28th my loveee!<3 @Louis_Tomlinson

@Louis_Tomlinson dude i just got my Merch today and already ordered new one. You wanna make me broke or what?”

Will you be getting your hands on the new Louis Tomlinson merchandise?


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