Who is Andra Day? Real name, age and rumoured Brad Pritt relationship revealed!

Who is Andra Day? Real name, age and rumoured Brad Pritt relationship revealed!

Oscar-nominee, Andra Day, has been on our radars recently, thanks to her incredible acting abilities and ‘flirty’ connection with Brad Pitt.

Fans are eager to know all about the star.

Who is Oscar-nominee Andra Day?

If you didn’t already know, Andra Day is an American singer, songwriter and actress, first debuting in 2015.

A little-known fact is that Andra Day is actually a stage name. The singer was in fact born as Cassandra Monique Batie, but later went by Andra Day due to Billie Holiday – whose most notable nickname was ‘Lady Day’.

Day was born in December of 1984 and, at the time of writing, is 36-years-old.

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The star’s incredible voice can be credited to her younger days in church, where she would often sing gospel songs at First United Methodist Church in Chula Vista. Though, in terms of discovering, Day’s talents caught the eye of none other than legendary Stevie Wonder. In talks with Live Nation, Day commented: “I get a call from the one and only Stevie Wonder—and first of all I didn’t believe it.”

What is Andra Day’s connection with A-lister Brad Pitt?

More recently, Andra Day has been spotted with Hollywood star, Brad Pitt.

Rumours have been flying since Day and Pitt were spotted ‘flirting’ with each other at the Oscars back in April.

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Reportedly, the two exchanged phone numbers backstage and, a source for The Daily Mail allegedly commented: “They were flirting backstage and are believed to have swapped numbers. It could be just professional, but some of Brad’s pals have been talking about what a great couple they would make.”

Nor Andra Day or Brad Pitt have confirmed or denied these rumours.

Where have you seen Andra Day before?

If you’re thinking that Day seems familiar to you, you’re probably correct – she’s been making huge hits!

Likely her most notable song, Day released ‘Rise Up’ in 2015, which earned her a Grammy-nomination.

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