Who is Louise Fischer? Denmark’s Radio 4 interview featuring live s*x goes viral!

Who is Louise Fischer

Denmark’s Radio 4 recently posted an interview on its Twitter, featuring live s*x. Find out who is Louise Fischer the woman behind the viral Radio 4 interview.

Radio 4 took a not-so-normal interview of a man that has become a Twitter sensation. The video was posted on Radio 4’s Twitter handle on May 27. It features the voices of the interviewer Louise and the man she is interviewing.

However, barely a few seconds into the video we hear moaning voices and slapping noises suggesting that the two are having s*x.

Who is Louise Fischer?

Louise Fischer is a 26-year-old Danish Journalist, who is currently working for Denmark’s Radio 4 and TV station, TV Midtvest.

She visited the s*x club, Swingland in Ishøj, located near Copenhagen, earlier this year.

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The moto behind the club visit to cover its reopening after Covid-19 restrictions were eased on Denmark.

Louise who has over 10K followers on Instagram, told Bild, a German publication in a recent interview that she often tries to come up with off-beat ways to present her reports as a journalist.

When asked what kind of reviews and comments she received for her Radio 4 s*x interview video, the Danish journalist said, ‘Most of them were very positive, they thought it was brave and cool.’

However, the young journalist also said, that some viewers thought that she’d crossed a line in journalism.

Revealing her relationship status Louise said, being single helps her with taking such risky interviews.

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When asked about her parents’ reaction to the interview, she revealed that her mother just thought it was funny, while her father thought it was really cool.

The Danish journalist also dished out more details about her encounter with the man, claiming, she would have simply said, no had she been approached by the man in an unsympathetic way. This reveals that the man had approached her first!

Louise also said, that people at the Swingers’ club were much more polite and a simple no would be enough answer if someone was unwilling to indulge.

Finally Louise stated that she would be up for it again, calling it a “great experience.”

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