Who is Zan Taylor? TikTok user captures man’s terrifying Grand Canyon jump!

Who is Zan Taylor? TikTok user captures man’s terrifying Grand Canyon jump!

A woman called Zan Taylor has gone viral on TikTok after she filmed a man’s terrifying jump across a dangerous part of the Grand Canyon.

If you’ve ever been to the Grand Canyon, you’ll know how terrifying it is. If you haven’t, just look at a photo.

The canyon in Arizona is a staggering 1,857 meters deep, and whilst it’s absolutely stunning, it’s definitely not for the faint hearted.

This week, a woman captured the moment a man jumped over the edge of the Grand Canyon and posted it to TikTok, and it’s just as scary as it sounds.

This video is about to have you on the edge of your seat!

Zan Taylor captures man’s terrifying Grand Canyon jump

Zan Taylor, who goes by the username @applesaucepete on TikTok, has gone viral this week after she filmed her terrifying experience at the Grand Canyon.

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Whilst sitting safely on a large part of the canyon, she zoomed her camera in to reveal a man standing right on the edge of a rock that was separated from the mainland.

He had jumped across onto the lone rock before Zan started filming, and he was now trying to get back to safety.

“That time when a boy jumped from one rock to another a The Grand Canyon and then had to get back and nearly gave 20 people a heart attack,” she wrote.

In the background you can hear people saying “oh my god he’s going to die” and “he’s insane” as he tries to climb back up the rock onto the mainland.

After a few seconds, he takes the plunge and pulls himself up onto the safe rock, and you hear a little cheer as the people watching express their relief.

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Zan said in the caption that it “felt odd recording this moment” and added some hilarious hashtags including “#willhemakeit”, “#gavemeaheartattack”, “#damnkids” and “can’t watch”.

Watch the terrifying video below.

TikTok reacts to the video

The video has had a huge 1.2 million views, and people have been reacting to it in the comments.

“And this is how 30 people a year die in National Parks,” one person commented.

Another said: “People were gasping in 20 different languages.”

“He probably passed a sign that said ‘no hiking or climbing beyond this point’,” a third person added.

Some people began slamming the woman for filming rather than going to get help, but others were convinced that he had it all under control and was never going to fall.

Who is Zan Taylor? TikTok user captures man’s terrifying Grand Canyon jump!
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