Why I hate Redeemed Christian Church of God – Lady G

Why I hate Redeemed Christian Church of God – Lady G

A lady has taken to Twitter to express her hate for the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, for what she claim was done to her father.

The lady revealed that her father who is a pastor in the church labeled very hard to build several branches for the church to the detriment of his family.

She wrote; “My father is a zonal pastor in redeem. For years, I’ve watched this man slave for that church. Money that he would have used to put us in good schools all went into building churches and the church continued to milk him by transferring him the moment he’s done building.”

“My father has built over 5 churches some days we barely eat at home. I can’t remember how many times they sent me back home from school as a school fee defaulter since primary school and still, my father never stopped building churches. Why? “

“As a redeem pastor, you have a percentage of offerings/tithe you have to turn in to the church account and as at that time

Why I hate Redeemed Christian Church of God – Lady G
Why I hate Redeemed Christian Church of God – Lady G

or so, if you didn’t meet the bench mark for attendance, you’ll be penalized. My dad has to “plant a church” every year either in April or December “

“Reading this tweet, I’m actually crying for my dad and my family. This man is 50+ and he’s hypertensive, yet they gave him 2 zones to manage as if the stress of managing one isn’t already too much. But if you take away Christianity from my dad, he’ll have nothing else to live for.”

“I’ve had to grow up in a house where my parents loved the church more than me. My mom seized all my trousers one time because I wore trouser to a night vigil ON A COLD RAINY NIGHT! sometimes I want to scream and tell them “if you die, the church will replace you” 

“But what sacrilege! They will stop paying my school fees and tell me to come and sit at home since I’m being influenced by other people outside. Mehn! I HATE REDEEM! I HATE THE CHURCH! but I can’t tell my parents this because a girl has to survive “

“Did I mention that every month, they do a “remittance” where they remit every single offering and tithe that came into the church, to the headquarters?

The remaining 30% is just about 1k or so. My dad never touched that money until one day when we couldn’t get food at home and he had to go to headquarters to ask for that money. I won’t even mention how much they gave him because it’s embarrassing

These words of this lady may not be far from the truth because many pastors in this church always complain, most of them are suffering in silence and are afraid to quit because they are afraid of ‘wrath of the annoiting’. May God help us

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17 thoughts on “Why I hate Redeemed Christian Church of God – Lady G

  1. God is the rewarder of every good work. God will certainly reward him for the work he is doing.
    So don’t be dispair

    1. So his reward is in heaven? Continue to deceive yourself. My people are perishing for lack of knowledge.

      1. This is so sad and heartbreaking. She is very right most pastors in these churches suffer a lot and kept quiet out of fear, am a Christian, I believe in God but I dont think He is happy the ways his shepherds are been treated by church leaders why they and their families live large, most of these church leaders donate large amounts of money to other things why the pastors through which these monies come suffer with their families this is a shout out to them that let CHARITY BEGINS IN THEIR CHURCH(ES) let them start looking inwards and do the needful!!!!

  2. May the Lord have mercy.
    My sister, always understand that every church has her own principles and doctrines.
    Giving should be paramount to a Christian just as the bible stated it. It is a fundamental principles that must b imbibed by every born again Christian.
    Giving is an act of expressing our sincere love for the Lord, Lord’people, Lord’swork and Lord’schurch .
    The following Bible passages are good for your consumption.
    I king 17:10-16, Luke :5:1-10, Proverbs. 11:24-25

  3. Student, yes! you can compose and arrange gramer, the day you meet with God you will know the truth be careful is your father conplening

  4. I HV work for the same redeem church for a month plus and I was not paid a dine…chatin from rivers state 09092696493 Eton

  5. Very unfortunate but no need to worry much, God will give your dad back all that he has lost.

  6. My dear sister.ur father z not complaining bcos God cald him.besides,there are differs calling.may be he is a builder too.do u even know why u are where u are today?somebody z paying d price for u which is ur parents.one thing I know,ur generation can not lack cos somebody z paying the price.i am a Redeemer too so I understand u perfectly.its well with u

  7. Am a worker in the church, what she says is not far from the truth. But know that that is the Orth he has taken to do the bidding of the church rules and regulations and stand for what the church believe till death.
    God will surly reward the labour he has put in during his active years.
    But as for you, they have put you in the right parts. I know you learned more good things concerning morals that is of help to you now than the discomfort you had. The road can never be smooth for true pastors children.
    Thank God you made it through.

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