Why I Stopped Wearing Chains And Dark Glasses – Pastor Chris

In YouTube video spotted online, Pastor Chris recounted how the wearing of the wrist chain became a hindrance to him when he was preaching on the pulpit on a Sunday morning. He said the auction could not flow and he found it difficult to preach to the congregation.

“One day I was preaching and on my wrist, I had a chain. I used to use things like that sometimes. So I wore the chain I used so often because I had it long, but I suddenly couldn’t preach while I was speaking on Sunday morning.”

“The auction couldn’t flow and I asked, “What is it?” I still tried to preach to the people, but it was difficult and I was fighting with the Holy Ghost and the Spirit of God talked to me and said, “Take away the chain!”

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“Then I told the community to shut their eyes and pray. They all closed their eyes, and I turned around and took away the chains, and put them in my pocket. Then the auction returned and from that moment, I felt like another person, although I never advocated that people would not wear chains.”

“You see, the Spirit of God leads us, thus he commanded me to get rid of the chain. I used to wear glosses of darkness. I still had some of those photos, but one after the other it’s broken. I was with a brother at some time and the new one I just bought dropped and crumbled, the brother responded, “God breaks your spectacles.”

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“I knew that God was talking to me when I heard that. I donned dark spectacles for the last time. I haven’t been using them anymore.”

“I am attempting to say that you have a new responsibility when you become a Minister of the Gospel. Do you know what is known as the slave of love? You are Jesus Christ’s love slave. You’ve got views, but you can’t see them. He’s essentially running your life because you gave it all. I want to go to some locations, but I cannot go, not because I don’t want to go there, but I used to say that my boss may not allow me to go to people, but you know we aren’t all up to this level.”

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