Home News Why I’m Not Happy With Nigeria’s Electricity Situation – Buhari

Why I’m Not Happy With Nigeria’s Electricity Situation – Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari has declared that he is aware of the suffering and hunger experienced by Nigerians.

Why I'm Not Happy With Nigeria's Electricity Situation - Buhari
Why I’m Not Happy With Nigeria’s Electricity Situation – Buhari

In an interview aired on Channels Television on Wednesday, Buhari stated that he is fully aware of the anguish and pains that Nigerians are going through under his leadership.

His journalist inquired if the President was concerned about the amount of Nigerians who are unable to feed themselves as a result of his leadership.

“I’m fully aware of that,” Buhari added, “but, as I previously stated, when you consider the large population of Nigerians, only 2.5 percent of the land revenue is cultivated.”

“We recognized it a little late, but we need to return to the land (agricultural).”

When asked if he is satisfied with the country’s ability to produce electricity, he responded, “Yes.”

“I am not because I recognize that no country can develop without infrastructure, which includes roads, train, and electricity.”

“This government is putting forth a lot of effort on the road.” Consider the difference between what happened six months ago and what is happening now between Lagos and Ibadan.

“We’re taking the train from Lagos to Kano and then taking the road from here to Kaduna to Kano.” So we need to fix the infrastructure first, and then Nigerians would take care of themselves. But what do we expect people to do when the infrastructure isn’t there, when the roads aren’t there, when the rail is practically dead, when there’s no power?”

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