Why the Netizen Thinks Rihanna Is Pregnant With Baby No. 1

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Rihanna made a big statement and raised suspicions when she stepped out onto the red carpet at her 5th annual Diamond Ball. That has to be a baby bump!

Every year Rihanna throws a big do in support of the Clara Lionel Foundation. The foundation supports and funds global education, health and emergency response programmes as well as doing its bit to ensure that children all over the world’s basic needs are met.


The international star wore an absolutely stunning black form-fitting Givenchy Haute Couture mermaid gown that wouldn’t even let you hide a Snicker’s bar in your bra if you wanted to, let alone an entire baby bump.

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During her interview with People Magazine, Rihanna expressed that she is in a really good place and extremely happy with life.

Aside from the almost obvious baby bump, what tipped everyone over the edge was when Rihanna said something about how her mum gave birth to a black woman and that she too will give birth to a black woman.

Does this mean that she is pregnant and that it is a girl? The entire world is going absolutely craycray. Is Riri really pregnant with a mini me? Yazi, the people need answers, this stress is too much!

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