Witches and wizards flying are not your problem, the Government are – Catholic priest (Video)

Witches and wizards flying are not your problem, the Government are – Catholic priest (Video)

A Catholic Priest preached to his congregation today that the witches and wizards who fly at night are small witches unlike the big ones which are found in the Government.

According to the priest, witches and wizards that fly at night and with broom or turn into birds in Nigeria, Christians have power over them and God have given authority over those but the ones in the Government, kill more and are responsible for thousands of death.

He says the witches and wizards in the government are the ones holding destinies of people as they have killed more that those “small ones” that are mostly feared.

See reactions below.

Tbh, most catholics are like this Rv Fr. Very practical. Priests are called to a life of poverty, chastity & obedience. So they ordinarily shouldn’t own anything. There has to be more to spiritual calling than the personal enrichment we are used to seeing. You’re always welcome. – @DJINEE

D day all the Nigerian top churches begin to adopt dis preaching rather than preaching prosperity in d country dat kills people’s dreams maybe people would wake up. Dem need protect dis pastor – @itsOsiT
This was absolutely satisfying, GOD bless him wherever he is – @Aguiyi_II
Wish the popular pastors can be this brave. – @ChaseThaM0ney
Wish I had the power and resources to relocate this Priest to my Parish. Always Spot on and Practical in all his homilies. Chukwu gozie gi Padre! – @AKABOGUIKENNAH

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