Zubby Michael Flaunts His New House And New Mercedes Maybach- Kanayo O Kanayo & Others Hail Him (VIDEO)

Zubby Michael Flaunts His New House And New Mercedes Maybach- Kanayo O Kanayo & Others Hail Him (VIDEO)

Nollywood actor, Zubby Michael has taken to social media to flaunt his new achievements with his new plush edifice and car to his fans.

It was a star-studded meeting at the house of the star where he invited his colleague celebrities to help him celebrate his blessings. Kanayo O Kanayo and others graced the occasion as they partied hard at his new house.

He was also congratulated by his fans on the purchase of his white Mercedes Maybach.

In other news, Zubby Michael recently received National Outstanding Leadership Award from the President of Northern Youth Peace Ambassador, 

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The award was presented to him by the leaders of the Northern group. Zubby expressed his delight in receiving the award for the work he has done to instill peace among the youths.

He captioned his post as: “The president of Northern youth peace ambassador’s Honored ME in Abuja today with the award of national outstanding leadership award 2021 GOD is real #ZM #A1 #SA it’s youths time”

Celebrities and fans upon seeing it slid under his comment section and congratulated him on his award. Below are some comments

mr_fxclever: Be calculative dealing with those northern people brotherly…. If you speak against your people, you lost everything called regards we have for you, be ahead of them maka na onye ya na ekwensu na eriko nri na eji ogologo ngazi.

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mikeezu: Congrats

mcehisoso: They are waiting for me in Anambra State at Obi Cubana mother’s burial. Who cares to go with me?

zubbymichaeltv: Congratulations zaddyyy

talk2ijele@zubbymichael : watch well oh,them fit wan Borrow Money from You but Buhari get Pride come send this Man

donarry_resources: Thrive malik

abdul_junior_boy: More wins king

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